Discover Lombok in 15 days

Discover Lombok Tour Description

Without a doubt, become an active traveler is one the finest way to discover a new country where hospitality comes as second nature. The Lombok people for example, are friendly and hospitable by nature and the tourists in general will have no difficulty in adjustment. By join in this program we want the travelers to observe and see the ways of Lomboknesse (the Sasak people) life’s and share with them. At the same, one may be confused regarding some customs, traditions and manners as in coming into a new place or any unfamiliar community.
Lombok is like any other island of Indonesia, has its own ways of regulating life though it might be different in degrees to each individual travelers. So with in this spirit we then create a multi challenging program that we offer to you and we hope this experience will be delightful and rewarding to you in the future comes.
The complete program will takes us more into the countryside and natures, the beautiful landscapes; the pristine beaches of Gilis with its crystal clear water, rain forest or even to some of the stunning waterfalls without ignoring the majestic View of Mount Rinjani 3.726mtr high can be capture on any angel of your camera.
This is a superb program, offers you a variety of adventures experience, The program is combined between cultural interest and adventures activity such as Cycling and Panorama walks, Rice field walk, Snorkeling in Gili islands and Gili island camping. The chance to visit the primitive Sasak Villages, meet the local people hearing story and their perspective of history and culture. The show of traditional music and dances that performed by the local team from the village and we encourage you to learn and try by immersing yourself in it.
A visit to the local artisan village Jangkuk that produced quality of wood carving and furniture. A unique traditional hand weaving of Pringgasela and Sukarara that produced quality and unique cloth such as Batik Sasambo, Songket or Ikat. The pottery village Banyumulek famous with its clay pottery that produced in traditional way.
Including in this program we will also visit some of traditional markets, visit a local school and donate the books for their library and just to make your experience feel more complete we also organized a traditional Lombok’s culinary tasting program that will involve you in our cooking class program.
Accommodation may vary to stay depending on the area that we visit, it may start from star rated hotel, cottages, home stay and even an island Camping.

The free times after the program of each day are fairly open for you to explore the local area and plenty of opportunities for you to get European or international restaurant in certain places such as in Gili Trawangan, Kuta Lombok or in Senggigi area as its still become a tourist center in Lombok.
The existing itineraries of Discover Lombok in 15 days can be customized for your group for any length of time, any number of people, and are always developed with the same care.
We also can develop together with you an insightful adventure program that can suite to your group’s focus and interests.

We take care of all the details and leaving you with the opportunity to enjoy the program.

The Tour Highlight

• Explore Lombok to the most non touristic places
• Cycling to the most beautiful landscapes
• Rice field Walks
• Panorama Walks including walk to the stunning waterfalls
• A night Camping in a lonely Island Gili Kondo on the east
• Snorkeling trip to famous Gili Island in the North
• Visit Traditional market
• Visiting a local school and donating the books for their library
• Visiting the traditional villages to see their routine daily life
• Explore the artisan and traditional hand weaving villages
• A cooking class – Taste the local culinary of Lombok and Indonesian meals
• Personalized small group experience – Max 12 participants per group
• Escorted by professional Adventure Lombok’s Tour Guide
• Utilized local guides in every places to go

Itinerary at a glance

• Day 1 : Arrival Lombok – Check In hotel
• Day 2 : City tour, Rice field walk, transfer to tete Batu village
• Day 3 : A forest and waterfall walk, visit a hand weaving village Pringgasela and
Pengadangan traditional music, dance and art performance.
• Day 4 : A night camping in Gili Kondo, visit a traditional market.
• Day 5 : Snorkeling trip to East Gili island (Kondo,Bidara and Lampu islands) –
heading to Senaru.
• Day 6 : Panorama walk Senaru including walk to the stunning waterfall Sendang
Gile and Tiu Kelep.
• Day 7 : Cycling – Gili Trawangan
• Day 8 : Free Program – Gili Trawangan
• Day 9 : Snorkeling trip explore to Gili Meno and Gili Air – Senggigi
• Day 10 : Cycling Pengsong – Senggigi
• Day 11 : Stand up paddle surf lesson – Senggigi
• Day 12 : Culinary Taste program – Senggigi
• Day 13 : Beach and culture Tour – Kuta lombok
• Day 14 : Free program
• Day 15 : Transfer out – airport.

The Tour complete itinerary

Day 1 Arrival Lombok (Kuta/Senggigi)

Activity : Arrival Lombok – Pick up Transfer to your hotel
Meals : Not Include

Arrival in Senggigi is suggested. Our group leader will be meeting you upon your arrival time in Lombok International Airport who will transfer you to your hotel in Senggigi area. There’s time to freshen up before a welcome briefing in your hotel. The free times you can use for relax and enjoy the hotel’s facility.
Day 2 Tete Batu

Activity : Visit Traditional market, Late evening Rice field Walk
Meals : Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Tour Duration : Full Day Tour

A Morning drive to Tete Batu, along the way we could stop to one of the busiest traditional market Kebon Roek in Ampenan, here we stroll along the market to see variety of foods such as fresh vegetables, fishes, local fruits and many others. Once we arrive in Tete Batu village then we’ll have a break and prepare yourself for late evening rice field walk to the neighbor village Lendang Nangka. A long the way to the next village Lendang Nangka (*Literally A field of the Jack Fruits) which is very rare to see now a days, we’ll witness the farmers who works on their field, fruit orchards and variety of tropical spices such as clove, cinnamon, different types of rice grow etc. A small river has to cross” a flip flop or trekking sandals are suggested to wear”. Have a coffee brake at one of the local house taste the original Lombok’s coffee then continue the walk to the neighbor village Lendang Nangka as our ending point. Tete Batu is a tourist village, situated at an altitude of 700m above sea level with beautiful rural scenery and cool air, clean and fresh, so after walk you will feel relaxed and comfortable. A free time after walk you may stroll to enjoy the atmosphere of Tete Batu village.

Day 3 Tete Batu

Activity : Forest Walk and waterfall, Visit Pringgasela hand weaving, Traditional
Music & dance show in Pengadangan
Meals : Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Tour Duration : Full Day Tour

We have a full day tour to explore Tete Batu village and surrounding by walks which require you in fit conditions. The walk begin from the hotel where we staying at and takes us about 2 hours walk on the rice field path towards Rinjani mountain as your background view. The walk’s continue to Jeruk Manis waterfall *Literally Sweet Orange that lies inside of Kembang kuning rain forest. The trek is fantastic, along the way we will be greet by the people and the farmers who works on their field, The green lush rice fields at all the different stages, Tobacco field, the fruit and coffee trees, wildlife of dragonflies, Macaques the gray monkey and the black long tails Ebony leaf monkeys, this will be the pictures that we’ll expect along the journey. By the car we then continue the trip to Pringgasela village, try variety of Lombok best traditional foods that served in a local house for your lunch and you’re welcome to stroll in the village Pringgasela to see more close and details of hand weaving process that produce by the local people there. The next trip is to visit Pengadangan village, takes about 20 minutes drive to Pengadangan. Enjoy the traditional music and dances that performed by a team of the local village, immerse yourself and take the chance to try dances or learn how to play their traditional music instrument. We finish the day after we enjoyed our time in Pengadangan and drive back to our hotel in Tete Batu. Dinner is served in hotel’s restaurant.

Day 4 Gili Kondo

Activity : Camping trip to Gili Kondo, Visit local market
Accommodation : Beach Camping
Meals : Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Tour Duration : Full Day Tour

A journey to a lonely island Gili Kondo in East Lombok. After breakfast in our hotel then we drive to the eastern part of Lombok neighboring main island of Sumbawa. It takes about 2 hours drive the main roads then we stop at one of traditional food market to buy our logistic for overnight camping in a tiny little island Gili Kondo. Gili Kondo is one of fascinating little island that spread around Lombok. The water is crystal clear, clean and most of the time has calm waves. The island itself has no occupant, white sandy beach and has a little bit of trees in the middle which is ideal for adventure lovers and away from the crowds. There’s no facility yet that build in the island so then we will stay overnight in a tent. Fresh water is limited so we will supply from the main using water containers. Lunch will be served in the local restaurant while for dinner we will cook the fresh food material that what we’ve bought in the market. Free time and enjoy the night camping.

Day 5 Gili Kondo – Senaru Village

Activity : Explore 3 Gilis snorkeling trip, Transfer to Senaru
Accommodation : Senaru Cottages
Meals : Breakfast, Lunch
Tour Duration : Full Day Tour

It’s a snorkeling day. After breakfast served in the morning time we begin the day to snorkel explore 3 Gilis by boat. Each gilis has its own characteristic of coral reefs. Table corals in different stages, a huge garden reef with its beautiful colors and variety of fishes that will get closer when we feed them. Spend a half day to snorkeling in the islands and yet we pack the luggage and continue the trip to Senaru. Along the way drive to Senaru village we will pass some stunning view of the scenery in a quieter road and the magnificent view of mount Rinjani views from the eastern part of Lombok. Lunch will be served in a local restaurant. Overnight stay in Senaru Hotel.
Day 6 Senaru

Activity : Panorama walk and waterfalls, visit traditional Sasak village
Meals : Breakfast
Tour Duration : Full Day Tour

The program starts with the Panorama walk, a beautiful walk with the great sight. Senaru is surrounded by the beautiful landscape, the walk begin from the scenic view of the mountain’s summit and with the great view of the farmland in the valley. Fruits orchards coffee cacao and other plants are surrounded the village. Witness the daily routine of the “Sasak Waktu Telu” tribe, visit a school and donate the books or stationery will be a special moment and fun. You may share your unused books or stationeries to the students or teachers for their new collection in their library. The walk will end in the stunning view of Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep waterfalls which Known as the most beautiful waterfalls in Lombok. We also utilize a local guide that will show us the inner beauty of Senaru and bring us to the most unbeaten track of tourist. The rest of the day you may use for relax and refresh your energy for your long ride in the next day.
Day 7

Activity : Road Cycling – Enjoy Gili Trawangan
Meals : Breakfast
Tour Duration : Full Day Tour

An early morning start is suggested for this road cycling program, in term of avoiding the heat and road traffic in certain places like market and town. The rides begin with gently slope down as we leave the village; most of tracks are on flat road with good paved condition. We cycle approximately 60km towards Gili islands which can consume approximately 2 or 3hours depending on places to stop. Along the way we will ride through the beauty landscape and scenic view of fields. We provide car and luggage van to support our trip and the guide will always close to you to give a hand. As we arrive in the harbor Teluk Nara we will then cross by boat to Gili Trawangan where will you be staying at in the next view days. The guide will assist for transfer service and check in process to your hotel in Gili Trawangan and will return to you for the snorkeling program in the next two days come.
Day 8

Activity : Free Program
Meals : Breakfast

The free program in Gili you may use it to enjoy the island. Gili offers several activities that you may need to try beside of swimming and relaxing on your leisure times. Around the island by Cidomo (Local Horse Cart) or Horseback riding or just simply rent a bike to go around. Enjoy the sunset from above the hill behind of your hotel maybe a good choice, visit a turtle sanctuary or just enjoy the night party that held at several places.
Day 9

Activity : Snorkeling trip to Gili Meno and Gili Air
Meals : Breakfast
Tour Duration : Full Day Tour

In the morning time your guide will meet you up in the hotel and prepare for the snorkeling trip activity to explore the next two gilis which is Gili Meno and Gili Air. Both of these gilis has different coral reefs garden and colorful of fishes, there will be a big chance to see the turtles while you snorkeling and the fish feeding will be the next excitement of this tour. Lunch will be served in a restaurant in Gili Air and once we finished the program then we’ll transfer you back to your hotel in Gili Trawangan.

Day 10
Activity : Transfer to Senggigi – Stand up paddle surf lesson
Meals : Breakfast,
Tour Duration : Half Day Tour

Check out process from the hotel and across to Teluk Nara harbor. Our guide will be ready to meet you upon your arrival in the harbor and will transfer direct to your hotel in Senggigi area. In the evening time we will be ready to escort you for Stand up Paddle surf lesson activity that will fulfill your free time in the hotel. Stand up Paddle will be an ideal activity in Senggigi area regarding to its flat wave as common. The stand up paddle surf instructors will give you a short course and will together with you to go further explore Senggigi beach and surround. Lunch and dinner will your own personal cost and there are plenty of restaurant to choose for a long Senggigi main road.
Day 11
Activity : Cycling Pengsong
Meals : Breakfast
Tour Duration : Half Day Tour

The cycling activity will always takes in the morning time. Your guide will meets you in the hotel lobby and takes about 30 minutes car drive to the starting point in Mapak. It’s a half day cycling trip and it’s an easy level cycling. We will cycling along about 2 hours through the back roads and rice paddies as the most lanes, with the cycling distance about 22km. The village filled in the morning with sight you might never seen before, the children in the village and in the school will run out to sing “hallo tourist” to you together with smile and laughter to see the new visitor. As a side of this tour we will make view stops to visit a village that specializing in making sarongs and a traditional brick makers, not only that but also every turn has something new to see. As a part of this trip we will cross the river by traditional gondola together with the bikes in it. A Hindus temple in Pengsong hill will be our last bike ride. There will be a chance to climb up the hill’s steps to see Lombok’s beauty scenery from above. Lunch will be served in a local restaurant on the way back to your hotel.
Day 12
Activity : Culinary Taste (Cooking Class Program)
Meals : Breakfast & Lunch
Tour Duration : Half Day Tour

There’s simply no better way to experience a new country and its cultural flavor unless you cook their meals. Taste your way through Lombok and Indonesia’s most common delicious culinary! You’ll be presented with special selection of food that you will create together with a local chef At least 5 – 6 various foods and drinks. The tour starts in the Morning exploring a local market to buy farm fresh ingredients that we will use later for your cooking class. Your Culinary Guide and chef will explain how certain foods are made from preparation, cooking process and food serving. Enjoy the meals as the local way and a special heritage recipe card will be given to you after the tour end.

Day 13
Activity : Beach and culture tour,
Meals : Breakfast
Tour Duration : Full Day Tour

This tour will take us more for relaxing and enjoy the beach area. As it become our last tour for this program. So we will let you to enjoy this with less physical work. After check out process from your hotel we will then drive heading to the South part of Lombok in Kuta Lombok. On the day 3rd and 6th of this program we’ve already visited a hand weaving, pottery and a traditional Sasak Village in East Lombok region. On this tour we will present you an almost similar program like the day mentioned above but both East and South people are actually different their styles and customs. The most of the times left will be enjoying the beaches and we might explore more than one of the stunning view beaches of south Lombok. Lunch will be on your own cost in the restaurant so you will fairly free to select various type of dishes. As the times over we’ll transfer you to your hotel in Kuta Lombok’s area. Check In hotel and then free at your own leisure time until the last day of pick up transfer by our team to the airport or to your next destination.

Day 14
Activity : Free Program
Meals : Breakfast

The free time on this day you may use to enjoy the beach and other hotels facility.

Day 15
Activity : Transfer to Airport or to your next destination – Program conclude
Accommodation :
Meals : Breakfast

Our team will pick you up in your hotel upon your check out time scheduled and by car driving about 30 minutes till we get in to the airport. It’s time to say good bye, it will be the saddest part of the program after more than 2 weeks being involved in this program. Farewell and see you in the next moment and we wish you to join our next programs in different times. Program Conclude.
About Program and Responsibility
Most of the programs that we created is tasted and led by us.
As a local tour company we know better every details of Lombok’s best offer that enable us to provide higher standard of service and experience than any other tour company that might sell or offer you similar program.

Adventure Lombok Tour company has years experience runs travel business since 2007 and registered under Indonesian Tour and Travel Association (ASITA) with registered number ——————–. Therefore Adventure Lombok Tour company will assure you a fully responsible regarding to any problem that rises during the program causing the harm to our customers.
This Program is suitable for people who are in fit condition, have a little bit of experience of cycling, and enjoy the walks challenge. Have passion to explore a new environment and interest to know the new culture.

We will be supported by an air-conditioned vehicle along the journey and a back up for the luggage as per itinerary.

Cycling Conditions
We ride approximately in a range of 22km to max 60km per cycling trip program.
Cycling from Senaru to Teluk Nara harbor – Gili Trawangan mostly on a good paved road, downhill and flat road conditions. Approximately 60 km road bike and we provide vehicles support a long the trip.
Cycling Pengsong track most on the unpaved road and in between of the rice field track.
Our efforts are to keep cycle in the areas of minor traffic roads although for the cycling program from Senaru to Teluk Nara harbor we could not avoid cycle in the main road but still Lombok has quieter road traffic conditions.

We will utilize local boats for the trip to East Gilis of Kondo, Bidara and Lampu and so for the North Gili of Gili Trawangan, Meno, and Gili Air for the whole trip of Transfers and Snorkeling activity. The boats are usually a wooden boat with double outrigger and equipped with 15 or 40 engine’s horse power.

We have carefully chosen accommodation that is the best available for the location and offer a good mix, from home stays cottages and stars hotels in our tours. Some of tours are located in scenic rural places where accommodations options are limited. A comfortable hotel can only be found at tourist area Such as Senggigi, Kuta Lombok area and the three Gilis of North Lombok. Cottage accommodations for example at Tete Batu and Senaru village and a comfort tent in Gili Kondo will be a good standard for relaxing.
Due to high season period, we will ensure that all accommodation that expected to be used for the clients is on the same level of standards as stated on inquiry.
During outdoors activity our company will provide the highest standard of outdoor gear and equipment as needed.

We will send you a complete itinerary with accommodation list according to your booking type.

Meals are fresh, tasty, healthy and varied. Food is a highlight when traveling in Asia and throughout there will be the opportunity to eat authentic Asian or Western style food
Dining options can be limited in some of the area, Most meals are included as per the itinerary where B = breakfast, L = lunch, D =dinner. Most meals are Indonesian food and features mixed rice, fried rice, mix vegetables, curries, fried noodles, chicken or beef satay and soups and some other variety. Lombok’s cuisine is mostly spicy but we also can modify from its original taste to adjust to your taste. We make sure you sample as much variety as possible.

Any special dietary requirements can also be catered for as well. Please let us know at the time of booking.

Keeping you completely hydrated is a job we take very seriously. Mineral water, soft drinks or local fruits are included in the tour price.
Tour Guides
For the whole programs you will be escorted by our professional tour Leader / Experienced English speaking tour guides and we utilized local people at certain places that we visit as our local guides to show us more details of their place. The tour guide is always close at hand to provide information and support.

Small Group
We have guaranteed departures every day (except on a certain day of the year that sated on our calendar) with minimum group of 2 adults.
Our active tours usually set in private or (None sharing) group tours. Whether you come in small of minimum of 2 people or bigger we keep treat you as a group and we will provide you similar standard of service. This is not just for flexibility, in this way we believe this will keeps our clients satisfied and fulfilled during the entire trip because they get a better insight into the nature, the daily life, culture and traditions of Lombok.

Donating the Books
You may share the unused books (Reading or writing books), stationeries etc to the students or teachers. Note* The school that we will visit is an elementary school or from grade 1 to 6, the average ages is around 7 – 12 years old.

You can even take advantage of the massage therapists at the end of our program for an additional fee.

The Price
Participants 2 Pax 4 Pax 6 Pax 7 – Up Single Supplement
USD/Person USD/Person USD/Person USD/Person
Standard Class 1419 1153 1056 t.b.a t.b.a
Comfort Class 2081 1716 1617 t.b.a t.b.a

What is included in the price?
• All Accommodation that stated on itinerary above Including a camping gear in Gili Kondo
• All meals that stated on itinerary above including dinner and breakfast in Gili Kondo
• Mineral waters for the whole activity
• Transport for the whole activity including Luggage Van or vehicle support (regarding to numbers of participant)
• All Boat for Transfer and Snorkeling program, explore 3 Gili; Kondo, Bidara and Lampu
• All Boat for Transfer and Snorkeling program, explore 3 Gilis; Trawangan, Meno and Air
• Snorkeling Gears
• Bikes + Helmet including repair Kit and First Aid Kit
• Stand up paddle surf Boards + Instructor
• All cooking materials for Culinary taste Program + Chefs
• Traditional Music and Dance performer
• Donations in each object to visit
What is not included in the price?
• International Flight from and to your origin Country
• Domestic Flight or Boat Transfer from or to Lombok
• Meals as mentioned in day by day itinerary
• Local transportation while you’re overnight in Gili Trawangan
• Laundry, Phone call credit or other personal expenses
• Donation Books and stationery for the schools
• Tip for the village / local guides
• Tips for the guides / Tour Leader

Pre Departure Information

Prior to arrival,
All visitors must hold a passport valid for 6 months from the date of arrival and have valid return ticket. Foreign passengers are normally given ‘arrival and departure’ cards and the ‘departure’ portion is necessary to be kept as it needs to be returned to the immigration officer upon leaving the country.

General Visa Requirement
The Indonesian Government has waives visa requirements for another 30 countries as early as April 2015 to boost the number of foreign tourists. The new visa-free policy is set for:
17 European Countries which are: United Kingdom, Germany, Netherland, Russia, Norwegian, Spain, Hungary, French, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Czech, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Denmark and Poland.
7 Asia-Pacific Counties: USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea.
6 Middle East and African Countries: UEA, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and South Africa.
Including 15 countries that already enjoy free visa facility such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Thailand, Philippine, Chile, Hongkong, Macau, Morocco, Peru, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Ecuador.
Nationals of the following 45 countries mentioned above may apply for a Visa on Arrival for a length of stay of 30 days by paying US$35 at major entry points including to Lombok International Airport (LOP).
Nationals who are not eligible for visa free or VOA need to apply the visa at an Indonesian embassy or Consulate.
Nationals of San Marino require visa at all times including for transit. Otherwise other nationalities can transit through Indonesian airports for up to 8 hours.
Nationals of Afghanistan, Cameroon, Guinea, Iraq, Israel, Liberia, Niger, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, and Somalia, require an approval from Immigration Office in Indonesia before travelling for Business, Tourist and Social Visits purposes. This policy is called ‘Indonesian Calling Visa’.

Travel insurance is compulsory for all program participants. Your travel insurance must provide cover against personal accident, medical expenses and personal liability. We also recommend it covers cancellation and loss of luggage and personal effects.

Health Information
There are no specific health requirements to participate on this tour. Adventure Lombok Tours and Travel is not a medical facility and therefore is unable to accept any responsibility regarding medical advice. Before the trips please make sure you bring any of your own specific medications that you need and necessary for your safe participation. Make sure to get only what is needed. We recommend asking your doctor for prescription to combat a more serious intestinal disorder. Keep in mind that they may recommend inoculation or medication such as malaria pills, maybe necessary for one of specific part of a country but not another.

The climate of Lombok is tropical with the coastal and inland plains averaging 28 °C – 31°C, the mountain areas averaging 15°C – 26 °C, and the higher mountain regions from the rim up to summit of mount Rinjani between 5 °C – 15°C in certain months like June to September, those months are actually still in the dry season period, most of the lower land will have hotter climate but in mountain area may differ regarding to its elevation from 2000m to 3.726m . Temperature varies little from season to season. The area’s relative humidity ranges between 70 and 90%. Dry season will start normally around April up to October while Rainy season may arrive around November up to March.
Climate and altitude changes can sometimes cause illness. Be sure to drink plenty of water, enough food and rest during the trip. Bottled of water is readily available during the trip. Excessive alcohol intake contributes to dehydration and makes you more vulnerable illness.

Gear to take and Packing List
Consider the clothes you’re packing before your trip to Lombok, keep in mind that Asia has high humidity, and choose clothing that is quick dry, comfortable and versatile in all situations.
By dressing inappropriately you may be putting a barrier between yourself and the people you want to interact with. Loose clothing will ensure you’re more readily accepted by the local people and also will protect you from the sun and insect.
Here’s some list of things you might consider to bring before you leave your home.
• Comfortable hiking or running shoes
• Comfortable sandals
• Flip-flops is useful
• Comfortable light weight trousers / leggings
• Light weight quick-dry hiking shorts (knee length preferable)
• Cotton shorts or skirt (knee length or below is best)
• Warm light weight top
• Light weight raincoat
• Light weight socks
• Light weight long sleeve shirt
• Cotton t-shirt/shirt/tank tops
• Outfits for city evening wear
• Swimsuit
• Lightweight quick-dry towel big enough to wrap around you and change under
• Sunhat and sunglasses
• Pocket knife (optional)
• Headlamp (compact) – better than flashlight
• Watch with an alarm/ travel alarm clock
• Camera & charger
• A small pocket calculator (recommended)
• Ear plugs (optional)
• Eye shade for overnight travel (optional)
• Light cord clothesline, approx 20ft (optional)
• One good book to read and share
• WiFi compatible device – phone, iPod, tablet (optional)

• Backpack for travelling, or duffel bag with good shoulder straps
• Large daypack for day & overnight trips
• Sleeping sheet (optional)
Your personal first aid kit
• Should contain any prescribed medications
• Blister tape/moleskin for feet
• Pain relief (Tylenol, Ibuprofen etc)
• Antihistamine (for hay fever, bites, allergies)
• Eye drops
• Sting relief spray or cream (for insect bites)
• Electrolyte sachets
• Pepto-Bismol tablets
• Tweezers & scissors
• Band-aids
• Antiseptic solution or powder (not cream)
• Non-adhesive dressings
• Motion sickness pills (non-drowsy)
• Do not bring: Hairdryers; electric razors; expensive/irreplaceable electronics or jewelry
• General toiletries (toothbrush, tooth paste, soap, shampoo, sanitary needs etc.)
• Sun glasses
• Sunscreen
• Lip balm
• insect repellent
• Hand sanitizer/sanitizing wipes

• Passport & photocopy
• Air tickets & photocopy
• Travel Insurance policy details *
• Must also leave copy of above 3 items* with family member for easy reference if needed
• Money belt / pouch to carry passport and money
• Debit/credit/prepaid cards and USD cash
• Travel journal (optional)
• Texts, syllabi, etc if taking academic credit
• Small flip photo album of friends, family, your home life, to show your trip mates and local people you meet (essential)
Money Matters
The currency in Indonesia is IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). There are limited numbers of ATM machines and Money changers shop provided in Lombok but it will be easy to find it in the town area such as Mataram (the capital city), Ampenan and Cakra town and in each Tourism area such as Senggigi, North Gili area and or Kuta area. Simply ask to your guide about this condition earlier and discuss about how much average money to spend for your personal expenses along the tour including extra money to buy gift or souvenirs and tips for local guide etc. Withdraw money or money exchange suggested on the first or on the second day of your arrival time.
Most of the rural areas are only accept Rupiah for the payment ex Local restaurant, local groceries store etc.
If there’s any balanced of payment left due to your booking program conditions, Adventure Lombok Company is able to accept US dollar, Euro, Poundsterling and Rupiah or Credit Cards for your final booking payment.
Spending Money
Spending money usually goes towards meals not included with the program, drinks and snacks, personal shopping, laundry, email and entertainment. We recommend you budget approximately $300 for meals not provided, drinks and snacks. We suggest you budget an extra $200 for other personal expenses. This is approximately $500 total spending money. You need to bring this money yourself. The amount of spending money you bring really depends on your budget and shopping habits.

Booking conditions
Payment Schedule & Booking Conditions
Prices in brochures and on website are correct at the time of publishing.

Adventure Lombok reserves the right to alter these prices at any time. The price of your program is guaranteed when you have paid in full.

All program participants must acknowledge reading and agreement with Booking Conditions at the time of registration.

By advancing deposit to Adventure Lombok, the depositor thereby agrees to be bound by the booking conditions and payment schedule.

The final payment covering balance of program cost is at least 30 days before program departure. Late booking status is minimum 14 days prior to departure; we will accommodate and put you in the same standard and similar service and can only be secure with full payment.

Payment using Master Card or Visa card is accepted.

If the balance is not received by the specified date, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and your deposit may be forfeited.
If you decide to cancel your program, the following fees apply at the time (prior to departure) we receive written notice of your cancellation: More than 1 week before departure – loss of deposit; 8 to 14 days before departure – 50% of program cost; 15 to 30 days before departure – 75% of program cost.
If you fail to join the program, join after its departure or leave prior to its completion, Adventure Lombok reserves the right to set the amount of refund (if any). Such terms are adopted in a similar form throughout the travel industry. They are usually covered by your trip cancellation/travel insurance, provided the reason for cancellation falls within the terms of the policy.
Adventure Lombok reserves the right to cancel any program if sign-up is inadequate to make the program economically feasible for us to operate. If this happens, we give a full refund of program cost paid. However, Adventure Lombok is not responsible for additional expenses incurred by you in preparing for the trip. If a program is over-booked we will inform you before final payment is due.

Responsibility & Liability Release
By participating in Adventure Lombok program, you assume certain obligations to Adventure Lombok Tours and Travel Company. It is your responsibility to:
1. Understand the conditions stated in Adventure Lombok itinerary and trip suitability description.
2. Make sure that this program you selected is appropriate to your interests and abilities.
3. Prepare for the program by familiarizing yourself with the itinerary
4. Bring appropriate gear and clothing as advised.
5. Follow considerate social behavior and act in an appropriate manner fitting the customs of Lombok people.
6. Safe Lombok by using environmentally safe products and not littering.
You acknowledge that Adventure Lombok contracts with a network of individuals to assist in the running of its programs. To the best of Adventure Lombok’s knowledge, these third parties are qualified to perform the duties they are contracted to perform.
You understand that traveling with Adventure Lombok may involve risks (and rewards) above and beyond those encountered on a more conventional holiday, and that you are undertaking an adventure program with inherent dangers.
You understand that you are traveling to geographical areas where, amongst other things, the standard of accommodation, transport, safety, hygiene, cleanliness, medical facilities, telecommunications and infrastructure development may not be of the standard you are used to at home or would find on a conventional holiday.
You have read and understood the itinerary and suitability for this program you are undertaking and have provided details of any pre-existing medical conditions. You accept these risks and obligations and you fully assume the risks of travel. You release Adventure Lombok from any liabilities connected to these risks to the maximum extent permitted by law.
I understand that this is a release of liability and a contract between me and Adventure Lombok Limited and/or its contracted tour operators, and I sign this agreement of my own free will.
If any part of this agreement is deemed unenforceable, all other parts shall remain in full force and effect.
Please contact us with any questions to PT. Adventure Lombok Tour | Office: St.Raya Senggigi KM8 Senggigi Art Market Arcade KT 2 Senggigi – Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara – Indonesia | Phone: +62 370 693005 or Mobile: +62 8191 7373 923 / 8191 7577 3060 | Website: |Email:

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